Occupancy Verification - Property Preservation, REO Clean Out

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Inspection Services, Technical and Compliance inspection, Re-key Services, Sign install services and more

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Inspection Services include:
Property Inspection Reports
Occupancy Verifications
REO Occupancy Status Inspections
Rush Inspections and Occupancy Verifications
Evening Occupancy Verifications
Sale Date Inspections
Insurance Loss Inspections
Natural Disaster Inspections
Quality Control & Annual Inspections
Retail Inspections
Commercial Inspections

Professional Field Services


Professional Field Services, LLC, (PFS,) truly offers professional field services in a variety of residential and commercial field services areas for the mortgage, banking ,insurance, and real estate industries, including several types of property inspections and delinquency interviews, as well technical and compliance inspections. We also offer property preservation, REO clean out, property rehab and repair services in select areas.


We pride ourselves on our high ethical standards, attention to detail, prompt turnaround times, and our superior levels of quality service.


If you would like to join out team as a vendor contact us online. If you are a mortgage or loan serving company or real estate or insurance company in need of superior professional field services give us a call today.


Benefits of Using  Professional Field Services over Traditional field services providers


PFS's extensive training program and leadership structure insures that all our sub-contracts are the very best trained, and most professional in the industry. Our quality assurance program forces continuous improvement and mulit-level redundant compliance checking.


PFS provides our clients with the critical information regarding a property's condition, occupancy and borrower contact information & helps to ensure that vacant properties are secure and adequately protected throughout default, foreclosure and sale. PFS's combination of experienced contractors, dedicated management, well-trained staff and internally-developed servicing systems has enabled us to serve as a single source provider for many of our clients.